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Learner, photographer, programmer, eternal researcher and day dreamer, in love with Code, Robots, Music, Abstract art, Pinkness (I think I graduated to purple and blue now), electronics, kittens (Tiger also) and Reality (also surreal sometimes, depends really)

Life is far beyond meaning, Life is beyond meaning and that's why it is so beautiful!

July 15, 2014 10:51 pm

So much win.

Google Drive shows me thumbnails of RAW (.CR2) files. OMGYAY! So.much.win.

July 13, 2014 10:10 pm



Other part is me :D

Part????? Dude you’re this Really BIGGGG HUGEEEE CHUNK of my life!! :):) <3

Reblogged an old old reply post, because missing missing!

blahblehblaahhh HI! :P

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"Lie to me again", she whispered.
“I love you”, he said.

5:23 pm
"I think a lot of people want to be someone, but we are scared that if we try, we won’t be as good as everyone imagines we could be."

Ava Dellaira, Love Letters to the Dead (via booksquoteslove)
2:55 pm

And everyone around me be like….

"So what do you plan to do next?"
“Take a break.”
“Oh from what?”
“ummmmmmm..life I think”

12:41 pm
Divya Shivaram